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Stay Safe

Public guidance for firearms and weapons attacks released.

An information film that provides advice on the steps to take to keep safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack has been released to the public by National Counter Terrorism Policing.

Recent events in the UK and around the world remind us all of the terrorist threat we face, which in the UK is considered as ‘SEVERE’, meaning an attack is highly likely. Police and security 
agencies are working tirelessly to protect the public but it is also important that communities 
remain vigilant and aware of how to protect themselves if the need arises.

The four minute film, Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack sets out three key steps for keeping safe. The film is accompanied by an online information leaflet. 

The film and leaflet advise that if you are caught up in an incident to ‘run, hide and tell’ - guidance which can be applied to many places and situations.


What is the Prevent Strategy? 

The 'PREVENT' strategy is one part of the UK counter terrorism strategy, known as 'CONTEST'.

The strategy focuses on early intervention and aims to reduce the likelihood of individuals supporting violent or extremist ideology, or becoming a terrorist.  'Prevent' applies to all forms of extremism, including far right extremism. This is a short video with a basic explanation.


Click on the info on Safeguarding button for a downloadable file to give you a greater understanding of safeguarding and related issues. Click on the Safeguarding Worksheet button for a downloadable worksheet to complete.

Cross The Line

A hard hitting web app which uses social media to put the user directly in the centre of the action, through the use of information from the individuals personal profile, alongside video and social media messages.

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