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NVQ Information & Factsheet



Looking for a straightforward qualification to get your dream job?  Want to gain new skills without the stress of countless written exams?  If you fancy gaining plenty of practical experience to help you forge a career in a particular industry, then an NVQ course could be for you.

NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification and is an industry recognised qualification that gives you practical skills and knowledge to be able to work in a specific profession.  Does this sound relevant to you and your career goals?  If so, read our NVQ FAQs below to learn more about this option and if it fits your future plans.

How is an NVQ course structured?

A typical NVQ course is split into many units, which are separately assessed and signed off when completed.  Each unit will test a different element of work in that particular industry, requiring students to demonstrate certain skills and knowledge in order to pass.

Who takes NVQ qualifications?

NVQs are open to people of all ages, and many entry-level courses are studied by those still in full-time education.  Traditionally, entry-level NVQs are offered to students who may academically struggle to achieve good GCSEs, while many school-leavers go on to take higher-level NVQs as part of apprenticeship programmes.  This doesn’t mean NVQs are only suitable for those still in education; many mature students use NVQs as a career stepping stone or to gain a new qualification to help their job prospects.

What is an NVQ qualification?

Each NVQ level has its own place within the education classification system, ranging from entry-level to level 6, with the higher levels offering a higher academic qualification.  Don’t worry — it’s not as complex as it sounds.  An NVQ level 2 qualification is the equivalent of getting five A*-C GCSEs, while a level 3 NVQ is worth the same as two A-Levels.  The higher levels are comparable to different stages of university study, and they usually take more time and work to complete than other levels. 

What subjects can I study?

There is a wide variety of topics you can study to help you pursue your desired career.  From L1 Health & Safety up to L6 in Construction management, you’ll be able to find a course at a level to fit your needs.  There are over 30 different NVQ’s available to choose from across many trades



How will I be assessed?

In our L2 NVQ courses, you’ll generally be expected to build up a portfolio of work you’ve completed during the course, which will then be assessed by your assessor. You will be given some documents by your assessor for you to complete during your time with us and this will be added to your online portfolio for assessment.

Identification documents for L1 Course entry


On the day of registration for the L1 course , you must bring with you some current ID document for us to verify your identification. This must be one of the following:


  • Passport

  • Driving license

  • ID card

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