GQA Qualifications is an Awarding Organisation for specialist sectors and occupational roles. Their current qualifications cover the Glass, Construction, Coating and Print industries.
Their aim is to work only with industries that they have access to knowledge within GQA, giving them a real ability to discuss specific qualifications with both centres and employers.
Qualification development is carried out in accordance with regulatory and Sector Skill Council requirements, using industry experts throughout the development and consultation processes.


Eastleigh College Partnership

To enable Eastleigh College to offer the most comprehensive training provision possible, we have developed a network of partners including IVS, that we can call upon to complement our own facilities and specialities.
The partners offer training in geographical areas that Eastleigh College cannot logistically cover, or have specialist expertise that benefits our learners in their qualifications. We currently offer over 400 different vocational qualifications, and can call on our network of 40 partners to assist with the training and, where applicable, assessment of the learners.
Each partner is quality-assured by the Eastleigh College partnerships team, ensuring any training or assessment provided by one of our partners meets our high standards and provides the same level of learning experience that we strive to maintain.


NVQ Diploma

NVQ Diploma
NVQs are based on national occupational standards. These standards are statements of performance that describe what competent people in a particular occupation are expected to be able to do. They cover all the main aspects of an occupation, including current best practice, the ability to adapt to future requirements and the knowledge and understanding that underpin competent performance.
Within reason, NVQs do not have to be completed in a specified amount of time. They can be taken by full-time employees or by school and college students with a work placement or part-time job that enables them to develop the appropriate skills. There are no age limits and no special entry requirements.
SVQs operate in the same way as NVQs, but are used exclusively in Scotland.